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Fee Schedule

Fees may apply.*

Fees happen, and we don't want you to be surprised when they do.  Not all fees apply to every account type.  Please check the Truth in Savings brochure and/or fee schedule you received when you opened your Community Bank account or request a current fee schedule from our office to determine which fees apply to your account.

Type of Fee
 Activity Statement/Printout of Account fee
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (each)
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee
ATM Transaction Fee - W/D SVC  (Non-Community Bank ATM)
Balance Inquiry Fee (Free with Telephone banking & Online Banking)
Checkbook Balancing Fee
Check Cashing Fee
Excessive Account Closing/Re-Opening Fee (Closed within 90 days of opening)
Garnishment Fee
Lock Bag
$0.75 each
$7.50 per card
$1.00 each
$0.50 each
$20.00/hour with minimum of one hour
1% of check or $3.00 whichever is greater
Research Time
Safekeeping Fee
Special Cut-off Statement
Stop Payment Fee
$25.00 per hour
$25.00 per year
$27.00 per item
Telephone Transfer Fee (Free with Telephone banking)
Temporary Checks
Zipper Bag
Photocopy of Statement
Dormant Account Monthly Maintenance Fee
(A dormant account is one with no activity for 2 years.  No interest will be paid on dormant interest-bearing accounts.)
$2.00 each
4 for $1.00
Check Copy Fee
ACH Origination Fee
Cashier's Check (Customer)
Chargeback Fee 
Coin Counting Fee (Non-customer)
Draft Collection (Customer)
$2.00 per transaction
$3.50 each check
5% or $1 whichever is greater
Draft Collection (Non-customer)
Money Order (Customer)
Notary Public (Customer)
Notary Public (Non-customer)
$2.50 per page
Wire Transfer (Customer)
Wire Transfer (Non-customer)
$0.50 each
Cancellation Fee
(Applies to checking and savings account when closed within 60 days after opening.)
Overdraft Fee
Returned Non-sufficient Funds Fee
(An NSF  item fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means.)
$27.00 (per OD item presentment paid)
$27.00 (per NSF item presentment returned, including multiple re-presentments of the same item)

Daily limit of 5 (five) NSF/OD Fees

Monthly Maintenance Fee
Minimum Balance Fee
**Amount of fee depends on type of account.

*The fee schedule on this page is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace the Truth-in-Savings agreement received at time of account opening.