Person using debit card for a purchase.


Get a checking account with some extra BaZing!

We offer two checking account types, Rewards and Select, which come with BaZing.  What exactly is BaZing?  To put it simply, it's an extra little bonus we provide to make your life a little better!  Want more details?  Check out all it offers below*:

*Refer to the BaZing website for a complete description of all benefits provided, as well as certain limitations and exclusions.
Get access to money-saving deals from local and nationwide retailers.  Save when shopping, dining, traveling, and more.
Receive up to $400 per claim (up to $800 per year) if your cell phone is broken or stolen.
Get help resolving payment card fraud, including assistance with cancelling and issuing a replacement card and restoring your credit rating.
Get help when you need it through Road America Motor Club.  Services include towing, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, etc., and are covered up to $80 per occurrence.
Receive $10,000 of accidental death insurance for each eligible account holder.
Save money on prescriptions, eye exams, frames, lenses, and hearing services by presenting your health savings card.

Get all these benefits at the touch of a finger with the BaZing! mobile app for your iPhone or Android phone.  Or go to your preferred app store and search for BaZing!